Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do You Want One of These?

So* Do* I!
That darn Pottery Barn.....
taunting us with fabulous stuff like this
then charging, arms , legs and whatever!Has anyone seen it on sale?


Musings From A French Cottage said...

You know, when I took my kids to the YMCA to go swimming, I noticed that someone had made one of these for swimmers to store their keys in while swimming. They hung it up on the wall by the pool and I thought it was very cool. I keep telling myself that I have to find out who made it but I always forget.

I love these but like you, hate to spend arms, legs and whatever else they're asking! Beautiful.

Have a great day,

Amy said...

oh no, mine PB sold out in just days of these and my lovely husband snagged one for my mothers day gift last year.
I have have looked for years for the real deal but no such luck, I was thrilled to receive the one from PB though

The Whistle Stop said...

I sold one in the shop last year that was similar. A little bigger... it was a hard one to give up! I'll have to look up the price of PB's and mine to see what a deal someone got!

Heaven's Walk - said...

I'll bet that it would be a lot cheaper to find a carpenter to build one for you! :) Just an idea....

xoxo laurie

Rebecca said...

These are so great, I am only glad I do not have room for one of these or sale or not I would have to have one.
Thanks for the picture

DaisyExpress said...

I love the cabinet. If anyone wants to learn how to build it I can show you how online. cheers, sheryl and thanks for sharing your great blog

Good Junque said...

I have not seen it on sale but check out this shelf inspired by the cubbie organizer at Honey and Maple Syrup

I came across this and I definately want to try it b/c I too cannot bring myself to buy it at full price!

Cindy Lew's Studio said...

No, but if I ever see it on sale you know I will pick it up and run. I love that and it would perfect in my art room. Love your site!!! Have an awesome day! CindyLew