Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My New Favorite Feed Sack

Hello Friends!

I just had to share with you the absolute most adorable feed sack that I came across recently.

It's my new fav.The colors are faded and the little goldfinch still has a faint yellow to him and the thistle he's perched upon is still a bit lavender.

As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it.

It was a bit more than I usually spend on a feed sack so I had to justify it by telling myself that I have never seen one like this {EVER} and if I didn't get it I would think about it for the rest of my life. Sooooo I went ahead and bought it and instead of Panera for lunch, I happily noshed on a $2.00 Deal Meal at Taco Bell!


Thespa said...

Right on! Gorgeous sack!

Anonymous said...

LOVE that one! Good work :-)

So now, what are you gonna do with it?!