Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I recently bought a big box of old linens and doilies. As I was pricing them I was tossing them into a pile on the counter and it occured to me how pretty all the COLOR tones looked and how different the TEXTURES were. It made me also think if a cleaning tip that I found in a old time homemakers book. It said to "get yellowing stains out of an old linen , lay it on the grass overnight . In the morning, gently wash with soap and water and lay it back outside in the sun to dry." I have tried this and it worked on two doilies I had!!
The other nice thing about collecting old linens is that it is not generally expensive and can accumululate quickly. It's always fun to start a new collection and usually when you shop for linens they are always in a box and you just have to start diggin! A true junkin pro has this skill down pat!! HAVE FUN!!